Amateur Radio Station 4S7AB from Sri Lanka – Worldwide Friendship beyond signal reports. 

It takes years of Experience, Hard work, Commitment and above all a continuous Passion for the hobby. Success is measured not by time, but by what you have achieved in that time. The unstoppable journey continues steady and strong…

QSL Information

Please QSL direct to the below address with sufficient return postage. (Note : I have No QSL Manager anywhere) .

Kamal Edirisinghe (4S7AB)

No 82 B,


Ellakkala 11116,

Sri Lanka

**4S7AB now active from 160m to 6m, 2m/70cm and Satllites including QO-100. Every QSO and the OP behind is equally important to me issespective of band mode or your QTH**


Other Callsigns owns and used over the years

  • KA5MAL (USA Extra class vanity call valid from 2003)
  • 8Q7ED (Maldives valid from 2006)
  • LA/4S7AB(Norway 1999 -2000)
  • SM0/4S7AB (Sweden 2000-2001)
  • M/4S7AB (England 2001)
  • 9M0/4S7AB (Malaysia 2004)
  • YB0AZ/KA5MAL (Indonesia 2010)
  • JA1GAF/KA5MAL  (Japan 2004)
  • VU2RBI/KA5MAL (India 2005)

Affiliations with Clubs and Societies

  • Radio Society of Sri Lanka (RSSL) – Life Member
  • UK Six Meter Group (UKSMG) – Member
  • European PSK Club – Member #314
  • CWJF Group – Member #860

My Activity Levels (Log Analysis Jan 2019)

  • CW 45%
  • SSB 30%
  • FT8 21%
  • All Other Digimodes 4%

Antennas over the years upto this date. Most of them are homebrew. The “Antenna Farm” is meant to be changed and it does all the time.

40m / 30m homebrew full size Rotate-able Quad

7 Element LFA2 WOS Yagi

6m Portable Hex Beam Homebrew

Homebrew Mag Loop 30m to 17m

160m T-wire Top loaded vertical

20m 3 Element Yagi (Top) stacked over 15m 5 Element Yagi

3 Element Bamboo Quad for 20m to 10m (5 bands)

40m Full size Rotate-able Hex beam

13 element 2m yagi (LFA type)

160m / 80m Twin magnetic Loop antenna with VVC.