Repairing a Yaesu G-800S Rotator

I had a G800-S rotator unused for nearly 5 years. When it was put on service, due to my mistake, I installed it upside-down. Then the water got filled up inside and made the rotator indication somewhat unstable. The indicator moves about 30 deg up and down sometimes by it’s own. This became a problem for me to use it effectively and I decided to open it.

The rotor was opened carefully not to drop the bearings all over the place. The potentiometer is a 500Ohm wire wound type.

After opening the backside metalic cap, I found that the higher resistance end side wire was disconnected at about 400Ohm. That was causing all the problems I described above.

The fix was simple and straightforward. I have soldered a 120Ohm resistor to the point where the wire was broken. Then the rotator lost some degree of indication (in my case it lost the overlapping rotation only). So I have 360 degree or slightly more of indication with my rotor which is 100% good enough.

Everything was installed as per the manual (don’t forget to grease the bearings since you opened it). Now it works well.