Ham Radio activities from India from 2002

From 2002, I have visited India nearly 20 times on business trips. During some visits I was able to visit local hams in India and operate from their shacks briefly. Here is a summary of those visits

Visit to Bharti VU2RBI

Bharti is one of the most heard HAMs from India. After working her many time on the radio over the years, I got a chance to meet her when I was working on a Project in New Delhi. When I was invited to her shack, OM N5KD was also there visiting her. She is a good example for the YL hams to be Radioactive and make friends all over. 


VU2SWS Sarla visit

I do not remember when, But I was able to visit Sarla Sharma VU2SWS during a business visit to Mumbai. We had long chats about Ham radio in our part of the world and what can be done in order to promote. I was also able to meet her husband and daughter in the same trip. 

VU2AB ‘Ram’ visit

During a visit to Madras, I was able to visit VU2AB and had a chat with him. Ram is a old timer with good experience in the hobby. On the rightside photo Harsha VU2ISR is in the back.


Harsha VU2ISR Visit

On the same day visiting VU2AB Ram, I was able to meet VU2ISR Harsha. I was invited to Harsha’s home for a meal and we operated his station.