Worldwide Friendship beyond Signal Reports

It takes years of Experience, Hard work, Commitment and above all a continuous Passion for the hobby. Success is measured not by time, but by what you have achieved in that time. The unstoppable journey of HAM Radio continues steady and strong…

Online Presence of 4S7AB Ham Radio Station
Fully Solar Powered Station

The Station is Powered by a 750W off grid system with LiFePO4 batteries on a 12V DC configuration Normal operation is covered covering the normal operation 100%

100% Reply for QSLs

The final courtesy of a QSO is a QSL card. At present I have 4 different QSL cards and a 100% QSLL ratio. Please read below for the latest QSLL information in the 'Contact Me' page.

Participated in all Major Contests

I have participated in all major contests including CQWW SSB/CW, IOTA, WPX and DigiMode contests on RTTY/FT8. Also owns country records of most above contests.

Operates on all Bands and Modes

4S7AB now active from 160m to 6m, 2m/70cm and Satllites including QO-100. Every QSO and the OP behind is equally important to me issespective of band mode or your QTH

Awards and Certifications
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Radio Contacts
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Countries Visited
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Countries Worked
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Other Callsigns

I have operated from foreign soil with below call-signs during the past. Some call-signs are permanent and  some are guest operations. The experience I gained during these operations are priceless. The people I met specially the HAMs are true friends for life. Some have visited Sri Lanka and operated from 4S7 only because of me.


I am affiliated with below clubs and societies related to HAM Radio

The Human behind the fist, voice and computer

4S7AB Activity Levels by Apr 2022

The Activity Levels change time to time depending on band conditions, antenna availability, time availability and propagation patterns. Introduction of new digital modes also contribute to higher DigiMode activity. But everything changes when family related demands are prioritized.

CW 34%
SSB 25%
FT8 25%
Other DigiModes 16%

Solar Activity

What am I doing now

Weather Data Source: het weer morgen Colombo per uur