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Norway 2000

Trip to the Viking Land and the Operation LA/4S7AB

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Norway is called the Land of Vikings because the Norwegians have some history bound with Vikings. Soon after my final exam in the university I was selected for a traineeship in Siemens, Norway by IAESTE Sri Lanka. That was in July 2000.

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Kamal Edirisinghe

Author Sep 2022

Having More than 35 years of experience in the Field of Amateur Radio, I have published many articles in prestigious international publications like, QST, CQ-DL, NCJ, Six-News etc.. Here in this web site, these write-ups are intended to give you knowledge about my designs and projects related to the hobby. The articles about foreign HAM activities are intended to share my experience.

On 1st July 2000, I arrived in Oslo, Norway. Got the receprocal license from the NPT in just 3 days after application. Thanks to Trond Olsen, the chief Engineer in charge.

Soon after I came to Oslo, I was taken around the city and to the ski jump site called ‘HolmenKollen’ by LA7XK Halvard. This first tour created my first impression about that beautiful city of Oslo. I have worked Halvard on 12m CW, before.  Then after one week, I met LA4XT  Ragnar Indrebø, the Secretary  of the Oslo Group of Radio Amateuars in Norway. Ragnar took me to the club station and introduced me to the members. Then I was given permission to operate the station.

LA7XK Halvard Visit

During the IOTA weekend, Halvard LA7XK and XYL Elizabeth invited me to their summer house in Hvaler Islands (EU-061) to spend the weekend. There, I had a very rare opportunity to stay with a norwegian family and also to operate IOTA for the first time from an Island. I was able to work about 700 stations during IOTA.
I was QRV on 20, 15 and 10 meter bands using a vertical.

Also we had a trip on a sailing boat to the sea to see the ‘Seal’ fish.  The Seals are ‘shy’ and slides down to the water when they hear the boat engine.

This was the first time for me to see them.

In August, the NRRL AGM was held in Trondheim. I was taken to Trondheim by LA8FCA Steinar Roland. I had the chance of seeing the countryside specially the river ‘Loma’ on the way from oslo to Trondheim.

Steinar was responsible for organizing the 2m DF contest in Trondheim. He is very QRV on 2m contest organizing in Oslo as well.

We were passing lot of large farm lands. Norwegian farmers collect grass on special white containers for use by animals during the winter.

LA8FCA Steinar and my Friend Henning from Trondheim on a discussion about finding the way back to the Scandic Hotel..


During the NRRL AGM, a 80m DF contest was held. I also took part and won in the ‘beginners category’. Lot of old timers took part in the contest. Norwegian hams are very QRV on DF contest on 80m and 2m. Almost every month they have a contest at Oslo group. Every participant comes fully eqipped with maps, compasses, & DF antennas + rain gear and food. Also, this contest was highlighted in one of the local newspapers the following day.

But the participation of ‘young hams’ was not widely apparent in any occation. This is a serious problem in Norway like in many other countries.

During the visit to Trondheim, I also had the pleasant company of my good old friend LA9GY Morten and his XYL.
Morten was QRL with photographing the whole event of NRRL meeting and the contests.

Getting Ready for the ‘Fox Hunt’

Visiting LA4LN Tom

During July, I had the rare opportunity to take part in the Scandinavian 6m contest with LA4LN Tom Victor. There we put up antennas 2 stacked 4 el yagis and set up the station within 1 1/2 hours. According to the latest info., we have won the contest. Tom was the president of NRRL that time.

Later, in September, I was invited by Tom and XYL Siri LA2SR for dinner at their home located near Kjelsas. I had the opportunity to operate his ICOM 706 MK2 with the multiband yagi.  Tom and Siri have got a nice and complete station. They are QRV on all the bands. Tom conducts a 80m Dx bulletin every sunday for the last 15 years

Below is a picture with Tom, Siri and the very nice two dogs. These dogs are extremely friendly. After some time, they bring you toys from somewhere and invite you to play with them. These two dogs are very famous among the Oslo hams.

My last opportunity to visit a ham in Norway was to visit Ragnar LA4XT and his family for dinner in September. Ragnar’s 2 sons are also hams following the father’s foot steps (Havard LB8ME and Eirik LB8CE).

Norway is a very beautiful country. Norwegian hams are very friendly and helpful. My stay in this country was a much pleasant one due to the friendly hospitality of the hams specially from Oslo.

I left Norway after my training programme in Siemens in the end of September. This was my second visit to Norway but I am sure it is not going to be the last one…..