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4S7LGT Lighthouse 2022

Lighthouse Dxpedition at Dondra Lighthouse 2022

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It was after a long Covid break. We couldn’t have this event nearly for 4 years. Everyone was so eager to go out and operate HAM Radio in the field. RSSL has organized this event as usual from the usual spot ‘Dondra Lighthouse’

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Kamal Edirisinghe

Author Nov 2022

Having More than 35 years of experience in the Field of Amateur Radio, I have published many articles in prestigious international publications like, QST, CQ-DL, NCJ, Six-News etc.. Here in this web site, these write-ups are intended to give you knowledge about my designs and projects related to the hobby. The articles about foreign HAM activities are intended to share my experience.

Dondra is a significant place of Sri Lanka. The southern most tip of Sri Lanka is located in Dondra and we have a very old lighthouse located there which is dating back to colonial rule. It is said that the British have brought down rocks from Scotland to build this massive structure. It is operational even at this moment providing vital navigation support to the fishing community in the harbor area. Most of all it guides the ships in the main sea route south of Sri Lanka.

If I remember correct, we did our very first lighthouse event nearly 30 years ago from the same place and I was able to take part in that event also as a fledgling  HAM. Here is a group photo of some HAMs and SWLs who took part in this event .

4S7AB operating as 4S7LGT

I was also able to take part in this event with my family. This is probably for the 5th time from this location. Initially on the day of the event, we traveled through southern highway to Mattala International airport where I was working at the time of designing the IP / Wireless networks. Met few of my co-workers who are still working there.

On the way to Mattala airport, from Beliatta to Siyambalangoda, I was able to access the Yati repeater with my 5/8 lmabda mounted on the roof of the van.

In the afternoon, I was able to head back to Dondra Lighthouse event. By that time, the guys have setup the station and started operating. I was also able to operate the station and make some contacts with known hams from overseas. Thereafter I was able to make some CW contacts with Dx stations too. The antenna was a dipole hung between two trees. The height of the antenna would have been better.

Besides, ham radio, kids had lot of fun flying kites, XYLs also had good company and the SWLs learned a lot about the hobby. Main attraction was the BBQ event + RF session very well organized by the folks.  


Most of the HAMs and SWLs participated in the event were new to this location and the event. But they all enjoyed the experience and gained some good knowledge about the event.

I was able to test my newly designed RF choke that eliminated lot of RF hash present in this location.

Some were able to take a bath in the cold sea. HI!. NOT me.

4S7AB operating CW @ 4S7LGT

4S7AB operating SSB @ 4S7LGT working A65HC